Bucket Truck Tips

Using a Bucket Truck for Christmas Light & Decoration Installation

Hanging lights outside for the holidays can be a pain. First you have to dig through your storage to find the lights and decorations, untangle poorly stored strands of bulbs, endure through cold temperatures and risk breaking your back climbing up on the rooftop of your home. This is exactly […]

Christmas Light Installation

Bucket Truck Safety Guide

How to Stay Safe When Operating a Bucket Truck 2

Anytime you’re working high off the ground, potential danger is lurking. In addition to being one of the most resourceful pieces of equipment on a job-site, bucket trucks are also some of the most dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken. There’s no two ways about it: inexperience can be fatal. […]

Bucket Trucks and the Delaminating Fuel Tank Curse

Nothing can slow down a job faster than faulty equipment—especially if the main machine you rely on is the bread and butter of your business. If you’re the operator of a 2002-2010 Ford Diesel truck, there’s a solid chance you’ve figured this fact out the hard way. Especially if you’re […]

Bucket Trucks

Boom Lift

Using Bucket Trucks and Boom Lifts For Photography

  Using Bucket Trucks for Photography There are many practical uses for a bucket truck rental that involves a construction site; however, you can also rent one for aerial photography and filming. Bucket trucks offer professional photographers a safe haven above ground for scenic filming. Bucket truck rentals are easy […]