Using a Bucket Truck for Christmas Light & Decoration Installation

CITholidaylightsP112214_PolandHanging lights outside for the holidays can be a pain. First you have to dig through your storage to find the lights and decorations, untangle poorly stored strands of bulbs, endure through cold temperatures and risk breaking your back climbing up on the rooftop of your home. This is exactly why it’s a good idea to hire a bucket truck company that installs Christmas lights.

Let’s face it, the problem for many Americans is finding the time to put up an outdoor holiday display. After Thanksgiving, time flies quickly when taking into account shopping and family activities. That’s why outdoor holiday decor businesses are very profitable. Many landscape companies have decreased employee lay-off time by extending their services into the winter with light installation.

Christmas Light InstallationThere are numerous lawn care, tree service companies and private contractors that provide Christmas light installation services for customers in the residential and commercial sector. In nearly every city in the U.S. during the holiday season, you’ll see bucket truck operators hired by local government to hang lights and seasonal decorations around your town. These companies eliminate the headache of tangled lights, shorting bulbs, climbing ladders and walking along rooftops.

Using a bucket truck to hang your holiday decor allows the installer a safe haven to stand firm in a secure bucket while adorning your home or business with decorations. Safety harnesses, OSHA approved ladders and extendable poles will not only keep the installer safe but expedite your outdoor Christmas display–subtracting hours off the time it would’ve taken you to do it with basic equipment. Holiday lighting utilizing bucket trucks are commonly used for the following:

  • Residential homes
  • Municipalities
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial property
  • Indoor/Outdoor Malls

Rent a Bucket Truck from Sagon Trucks

Located outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Sagon Trucks & Equipment provides a large selection of bucket trucks, digger derricks, forestry trucks and more–for rent or sale. If you’re a contractor looking to expand your services to include holiday lighting installation, don’t hesitate in contacting Sagon Trucks for the right bucket truck for the job.

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